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Cleaner Exhaust, Smoother Quieter Engine
& Better Fuel Efficiency of 5 to 12%

Royal Dawn Comments

Saving 1/2 gallon per hour in calm seas at 1300 rpm based on latest FloScan measurements of consumption rate with Fitch Fuel Catalyst installed on Main Cummins KTA1150 propulsion engine. The set of brand new Heavy-Duty Fitch Fuel Catalysts (10,000 hour warranty) were purchased for the main and 2 gen-set engines and installed in March-April of this year. The boat owner had had a previous satisfactory experience with Standard Fitch units (5,000 hour warranty) purchased and used on the same boat since early 2000. Based on FloScan measurements at that time sailing to the South Pacific, the owner, Brent Bixler, measured a 12% reduction in fuel consumption.

Royal Dawn Testimonial

See chart at bottom of page with savings projections based on this vessel's actual (FloScan) measured results.

Bart Mathews was a contemporary of Brent's. They used to fish together for albacore tuna in the South Pacific in the the late 90's when Bart decided to test a Fitch unit on this boat which was also equipped with a FloScan metering system. The Maverick is now owned and operated by High Seas Tuna Company of Oak Harbor, WA.

Maverick Comments

Conservative Fuel Savings Estimate Using Actual Measured Results from the Royal Dawn

Base Fuel Consumption Rate (gph)
Fuel savings per hour @ 5.88%, low speed (gals)0.5881.1761.7642.945.88
Est fuel saved over 10,000 hour min service life5,88011,76017,64029,49058,800
Cost of fuel saved at projected avg cost of $4/gal$23,520$47,040$70,560$117,600$235,200
Current approx cost of FFC for this size engine$1,150 $2,300 $3,300 $5,807 $7,859
Savings factor (dollars saved per $ cost)20.45 20.45 21.38 20.25 29.93
Recommended model FFC for main engineF100HDGF100HDG(2)F150HDG(2)FHD5-19FHD10-38